VERSION 2.32 (04.02.2019)

- Kaleidoscope mode added – it is a super powerful tool for creating incredible ornaments
- Undo/redo options added for moving the frame and the"Free transform" points. Also, the "Free transform" frame can now be moved beyond the edges and not just beyond the vertices
- The ability to "Highlight layer" added (You can customize highlighting options in Options-> Main-> Highlights Layers on)
- "Snap" function added. You can use it when moving layers as well as when moving the "Free transform" frame
- The ability to align layers added. The corresponding "Align" buttons are displayed in the "Move Layers tool" panel
- "Recent files" panel changed completely. Now you can have a look at the previews of the documents and you can also quickly go to the folder with the corresponding file.
- "Autosaves" settings added to Options panel. Now autosaves are saved in the "FileName-date-time" format and you can choose a folder to save as well as the maximum number of files. We alse added autosaves for the "Drawing stages" in jpg.
- Now you can drag'n'drop layers and folders into a neighboring document.
- The previews are now displayed when you hover over documents in the top menu. Option can be disabled in Options-> Interface
- Now you can disable Antaliasing for brushes
- A feature added that will allow you to display a grid of pixels with a strong approximation of the canvas (Options-> openGL-> Show pixels grid)
- Invert button added to "Gradient" panel
- Several new hotkeys added: "Flip layer horizontally", "Flip layer vertically", "Image resize", "Canvas resize", "Switch to next document"
- Now you can change the "Opacity" and "Blendmode" of several layers at once.
- Now you can duplicate multiple layers at once.
- If you click on a folder while several layers selected, they will now be grouped
- A feature added that will allow you to change the imprint of the brush transparency to “Options”
- "Hide menu on TAB" feature added to “Options”
- You can now enable or disable the panel animation (Options-> Interface-> Enable panels animation)
- The texture window is now centered at the current texture when opening, while the current folder and texture are being highlighted in blue. Same features are applied for "Custom forms"
- Now it will not be possible to open the file that had already been opened before, you will be offered to reopen this file
- Little bugs fixed


VERSION 2.31 (15.10.2018)

- You can now import the colored textures. By the way, the textures do not have to be square anymore
- You can choose several textures at once that are going to change after each new brush stroke
- The "Fill tool" improved. You can switch to Pattern mode for shading. Color mode and Opacity properties added as well
- New "Convert Luma to alpha-channel" filter added
- "Flip horizontally“ button added to the editing of graphs
- If you hold the hot key for more than a second, then releasing it will now return to the previous tool
- ”DragAndDrop” and ”Place Image” now work for multiple files
- Some minor bugs fixed


VERSION 2.30 (04.06.2018)

- Panels can now be moved outside of the main window (MS Windows only)
- Panels can now be grouped to each other (To do this, drag one panel to the top of another one)
- Added the ability to change the background color (Menu-> File-> New or Menu-> Image-> Document properties)

More features to work with textures:
- The maximum brush texture size is increased to 4000
- Textures can now be renamed and moved
- Added more than 20 new textures
- The «Texture brightness» slider added and the «Texture contrast» slider now works in both directions
- Added the «Mirrored repeat» tick for better display of not seamless textures
- Now you can choose which brush parameter is affected by the texture: opacity, transparency, color, or all together at once

- Fixed some little bugs


VERSION 2.21 (15.03.2018)

This update is dedicated to fixing minor bugs, more than 50 of them have been fixed.

Also in this release:
- "Blend transparency" parameter now works under the GPU and for the bristle brushes.
- Korean language added. Special thanks to Lee Jun Hyek for translation!
- The ability to turn the mask on / off added
- "Antialiasing" button added to the lasso tools, magic wand and bucket
- The ability to drag brushes into another category added
- Now most of the working panels can be moved and scaled (Gradients panel, Textures panel, Image resize, define hotkeys, etc)
- Two new parameters added to the "Transition" brush controller
- "Transfer to down layer" function added (also works with the selection and several layers)
- The ability to move selection added
- The inverting of the layer added by "ctrl + i" (Menu-> Layer-> Invert)
- The slider now moves slowly with holded “shift” and multiple with holded “ctrl”
- New document orientation buttons added
- "Copy from the visible layers" function added. Use shift + ctrl + c (Menu-> Edit-> Copy Merged"
- Now you can enter the text with the keyboard (for example when renaming a layer) in any language (except for hieroglyphic symbols)
- Hotkeys Import / export added


VERSION 2.20 (15.01.2018)

- Our team has invented a brand new stabilization system. The stroke is now much smoother. We have added a lot of additional stabilization settings.
General stabilization settings can be found in File-> Options-> Stabilizer Global Settings. Also you can customize each brush separately by clicking the corresponding button next to the "Stabilization"slider in the Brush panel.

- We made our best to boost your performance, speed and stability in averagely 4 times by enabling the support of multi-core processors. (File-> Options->Perfomance-> Use multicores) (Default - enabled).
The actual increase will depend on the number of cores and will be better felt with the following functions:Image resize, Free transform, Color Balance, Hue and saturation, Gradient tool, Smart Color Correction, Layer Move.

- Keep your painting progress always safe! Now all the documents are saved and  autosaved in the background.
if not applicable, saving automatically switches to the normal mode. "Save As" works as usual.

- Adjust the rigidity of the brush with a new slider. Select either the "Graph" or the "Slider" mode for each particular brush by clicking the preview button of the brush shape.
For most hard brushes we recommend to switch to "Slider" mode as it is more accurate and gives a smoother and more beautiful stroke edge.

- "Image Resize" and "Hue and saturation"improved.

- "Progress bar" for Save / Load file, Free transform, Image resize added

- "Select lasso"performance increased

Little bugs fixed:
- A bug with the side buttons of the Wacom pen.
- "Fast layer select" now takes Masks and ClippingMasks into account
- "Edit Document Width and Height in File new panel" bug fixed
- "Incorrect display of Custom form with canvas Reverse"bug fixed
- Double brushes crash fixed
- "Right click on gradient point"bug fixed
- Some other small bugs fixed


VERSION 2.10 (12.11.2017)

- New «Refine Edge» featured added for selection. Now you can expand, feather and smooth out the selected area.
- «Lasso» tool improved. While selecting, hold down Alt to switch to Polygonal Lasso mode and back, hold down Backspace to change the last point or Enter to apply.
«Stabilizer» slider added for the lasso for more accurate selection. The edge of the selection became smoother.
«Auto action» option added for the lasso. It can be used to perform actions after the selection automatically: Fill, Gradient, Delete.
- «Color wheel» can now be dragged to the Custom panels.
If you hold «C» (by default), the "Custom 1" panel will move to the mouse pointer and become a transparent background and when release, it will return back.
- «Brushes history» added. Enable it in the «Brushes» panel settings
- «Rulers» improved.
Ruler states can now be saved / loaded.
You can choose the color of the lines: gray, RGB or the custom color.
Holding ALT + R (by default) you can highlight all ruler states and quickly select the one you want.
For the 2-points and 3-points perspective a point is added that can be used to rotate the horizon.
An ability to «disable the following rulers» added
- The parameters of the H, S, B - brush have been slightly changed. Now the sliders can be moved in both directions for a more accurate distribution of random values
- «Place image» feature added to Menu-> File to import the image to the current document. If you select several files, they will be imported as separate layers
- You can now change the cursor type between Arrow, Point and Cross in Menu-> File-> Options-> Cursors. There you can choose the «Brush Drag resize" tool mode as well
- Finally! «Tooltips» added! You can also set the hotkeys with them
- You can set the selected preset as a default in the «New File» panel. After the relaunch a new canvas will be created of the new defalut size
Little things:
- A new «Lines width» slider added for guides, rulers, helpers, etc. to Menu-> File-> Options-> Main
- «Free transform» is extending in both directions with holded ALT and rotating by 5 degrees with holded Shift
- «Gradient» tool aligns the direction by 5 degrees with holded Shift
- Hold Shift when moving the layer to move it strictly in vertical / horizontal direction
- If you click the «Brush tool» while using «Free transform» tool, it is applied and you can start drawing immediately


VERSION 2.03 (29.09.2017)

- Added features: Duplicate folder, Ungroup folder, Merge folder, Group layers to the folder
- Using "Guides" And "Rulers" has become much more convenient: Paintstorm now keeps the position of the guides after each move. Click two times holding Shift to install the ruler to the desired direction quickly. For the 2-point and 3-point perspective there is an additional manual direction determination mode.
- A new "Color Library" panel added. Colors can now be broken down into categories (folders), renamed, saved and uploaded. You can also import color sets from Photoshop. You can enable the new panel by: Menu-> View-> Color Library
- A lot of new hotkeys added: Panels toggle, Rulers hotkeys, etc.
- "Show recent colors" option added to the “Color” panel
- You can now save and load your own custom presets of documents size in the "File-> New" panel
- The layer mask can now be dragged from one layer to another one
- Some minor bugs fixed


VERSION 2.02 (11.06.2017)

- "Free transform" tool improved -"disable transformation" button added. Watch the video below.
- “Max mirrors” option added to Menu->Options->Performance
- The value of the sliders can now be input with the keyboard - just click the digital value on the slider
- The "spacing" parameter of the brush has changed the scale and became more accurate
- "Clear layer" button added to the Layers panel
- New hotkeys added: layer above / below, clear layer
- Portuguese language added
- Little bugs fixed
- The Help section on the website Improved


Version 2.01(Mac only) - Hotfix.

VERSION 2.00 (04.04.2017)

- New graphics engine that provides as much as a 10 times performance increase (see the description below *1)
- The program settings (Menu->File->Options) are now divided into the categories. New options added: larger canvases support, the number of undo option, the cursor options, etc.
- A lot of new brushes and extra textures added. When you first launch Paintstorm automatically converts old brushes. However, to access the new brushes you will have to reset all brushes  by "Rightclick on brush panel->reset brushes->reset all"
- The "Link to guides" parameter affects jitter now (see the description below *2)
- The "One by One" option added to the "Set of forms"controller list
- The trial period has been reset

1) The new engine uses Shaders and the performance directly depends on the the graphics card power.
The greatest performance gain is noticeable when painting with large brushes of "Custom forms" with little spacing fixation. The increase is up to 100 times compared to the previous versions.
However, the brushes of small sizes in some cases can be even slower. Therefore we added the possibility to enable and disable the GPU-engine for every single brush.
In the top right corner there is a "GPU" button, which can be used when you want to disable the GPU-engine temporarily, but it does not free the video memory. In order to fully disable the GPU-engine use Menu File->Options->OpenGL
With bristle brushes the GPU-engine works a bit differently. The generation of the bristles and the result of drawing are different from the usual bristle brush, so the new engine is disabled by default for all bristle brushes. The best usage of the engine is for large round brushes withoutsize dynamics.
It is worth sayingthat GPU-engine for bristle brushes requires the support for the OpenGL 4.3 (Nvidia GTX 660 and above), while OSX does not support OpenGL 4.3.
With Alt+j you can enable an experimental graphic mode (Windows only), in which all the calculations are done by the graphics card. However, the upper layers are not shown in this mode. Experimental mode is best suited for the hugest brushes and the symmetry mode.
The GPU-engine uses more video memory. 1 Mpix = 16mb of video memory. For example, the canvas size 5000х5000 (25Mpix) will take up 400 megabytes of VRAM more.

2) Let’s imagine that there is a jitter-brush that paints points of a single color. If we enable "Link to guides" in the Opacity options, the closer points to the center are, the more transparent they will be.
And if, for example, we enable "Link to guides" in the Gradient (red-green) options, the closer points to the center are, the greener they will be, the farther - the redder.


VERSION 1.72 (05.12.2016)

- "Smart Color Correction" filter added. This is a great set of tools for image editing,
which includes: RGB / HSL / HSB curves, Selective Color, gradient map and a lot of other cool features
- A new "Seamless mode" feature added which can be used for creating seamless textures and patterns.
Seamless mode is supported by all the brushes as well as the free transform tool (ctrl + t)
Enable this mode through Menu-> Edit-> Seamless mode
- Using gradient became a little more comfortable
- Two new Clone modes added. To select a new mode, switch on the brush option "Clone",
and then go to the "Clone modes:" on the top panel
- "Close the current document" hotkey added ("ctrl + w" by default)
- Some small bugs fixed

VERSION 1.71 (16.10.2016) - HOT FIX

- Fixed an issues and bugs of version 1.70
- New "Fast layer move" hotkey added
- New "Show\hide reference layer" hotkey added

VERSION 1.70 (12.10.2016)

- An ability to select multiple layers and do the followings with them added:
layers move, free transform, swap layers, delete layers, collapse layers, delete selection, preserve opacity, lock, warp filter.
- A new Warp filter added
- New types of gradients added: radial, symmetry, circle
- Flip horizontal / vertical layers functions added (Menu->Edit)
- An ability to enable / disable the link (chain) between the layer and mask
- Added a function of layer duplication by holding Alt
- Added the ability to move the layer while holding Ctrl
The following bugs fixed:
- An burn effect at low transparency fixed
- A bug of trembling form when "form shift" fixed
- A bit of memory is released at the time of saving / loading psd
- A "lock of transparent pixels when blend transparency is on" bug fixed
- Some minor bugs fixed

VERSION 1.61 (24.08.2016)

- «Select by color range» function added. With this accurate tool you can easily select a specified color or the range of color and brightness.
- Improved quality and accuracy of "Free transform" and "Image resize" tools
- Improved quality of selection edges when using "Straight lasso" tool
- Some little bugs fixed

VERSION 1.60 (18.05.2016)

- The "Clone" tool added. Find the button close to the "Eraser" button in the "Brush" panel.
- The cursor shape changed: now it has the same shape as the brush instead of the circle.
- A new "Resolution (dpi)" option added to the following panels: "New file", "Image resize" and "Canvas size". The dpi value is now saved in PSD files.
- A new "Filters " section added to the menu . This section contains two filters - "Blur" and "Sharpen".
- The active box to control the position of the canvas added to the "Navigator" panel.
- Some minor bugs fixed

VERSION 1.55 (22.04.2016)

- A new feature to record/playback the process of drawing called Script added.
Typically, the scripts are used to create videos of a painting process, however with Paintstorm's script it is possible to increase the canvaz size of your pics without any quality loss.
Learn more about Script here
- "Toggle rulers" hotkey added
- "Lock interface" button added (top right corner of the Paintstorm window)
- Some small bugs fixed

VERSION 1.54 (19.03.2016)

- A new «Blur» parameter of the brush added that affects the strength of the paint mixing
- An ability to select layers in Photoshop style from the drop-down list (by default - Mouse Rightclick)
- An ability to move the layer with keyboard arrows added
- An option "Show / Hide brush circle" in Menu-> Options added
- An ability to display the «Thumbnails with layer bounds» added to the options of the "Layers" panel

VERSION 1.53 (01.03.2016)

- New "Ruler" feature added: Parallel lines, Ellipse, 2-point perspective, 3-point perspective
- "Global pen pressure hardness" feature added to Menu-File-Options
- The ability to "Merge all lower layers to one new" added (ctrl+alt+shift+e or from menu)
- The ability to Apply mask added
- A bug of saving PNG with alpha chanel fixed
- "Rename brush" item added to the Brushes options
- The Free Transform option moved to Menu-Edit from Menu-Image
- New interface language added:French (Thanks to Daniel Siron for translation)


VERSION 1.52 (07.02.2016)

- The new "Real Double brush" feature added. Now you can paint with two brushes simultaneously instead of using the second brush only as a mask. You can also synchronize main parameters of both brushes.
- We added the ability to shift the pivot point for custom forms. It is also possible to reflect the shape vertically or horizontally and rotate at any angle.

- New buttons added to the top «Tool options» panel: free transform, disable selection, chain for rect selection and free transform, etc.
- Now, when you close the last file, Paintstorm creates a blank canvas without shutting down.
- Instead of "rightclick" an additional button added to the following panels: Gradients, Textures, Brush icons, Brush Group icons, Custom Forms.
- «Move the layer up / down» buttons added to the «Layers» panel
- Presets added to the File->New panel

Bugs fixed:
- Wrong angle of rotation when using squezeX with large brushes
- Random crashed with «Swap Layers + Undo»
- Other small bugs fixed


VERSION 1.50 (14.11.2015)

- Now you can Import / Export your brushes and brushes groups as well as create new categories of brushes. In this regard, we have made a completely new data structure. That is why the brushes import from older versions Paintstorm (1.41 and below) is impossible. We apologize for this inconvenience. The new version of Paintstorm Studio is created to avoid such things in the future, because now you can save your favorite brushes in a separate file, as well as share your brushes collection with your friends.

- The number of points in the graphs is increased from 10 to 50

- The information about the gradient and the set of is now stored in the brush. So if you change any gradient or set of forms, this will not affect other brushes using them.

- New options added: «import» / «export» / «add» / «remove» for: Brushes, Custom forms, Textures, Brush previews, Category icons, Gradients. You will get the access to the new functions through the mouse right click. Right click works on the following panels: Brushes, Custom forms (single and "set of forms"), Textures, Brush previews, Category Icons, Gradients. (Note: When you create your own sets of brushes, you have to remember that the "erasers" - are the 2nd group and «mixer brushes» (which are used in the «mixer» panel) - are always the first three brushes in the third category) Also, now you can reset all brushes to the default settings at any time.

- The ability to import brushes (brush shapes) in ABR Photoshop format (Note! Abr-files should not contain hairy brushes, appeared in Photoshop CS5)

- The "Capture form" feature added for the brush. Just select any part of the picture and click "Capture form" at the top of the screen. (Or use Menu-> Selection-> Capture form)

- The ability to import / export / reset your workspace (as a whole or separate elements) added. Access to this features: Menu-> Other -> (Load custom UI, Save Custom UI, Reset to Defaults)

- In the brushes display «tiles» mode you can now click the brush with ctrl or shift, to change the display of the brush from brush-icon to brush-shape and vice versa. The same applies to the brushes located in the custom panels.

- Scrolling the list (such as layers or brushes) now works like on your smartphone. Just click anywhere on the list and move the mouse or pen up or down. "Scroll bar" also works, and saved for those who are used to it, but it can be completely disabled in the Menu-> File-> Options-> Enable scroll bars
- The CPU usage reduced

- The gradient settings improved: Now you can right click on any point of the and select "Main color" or "Second color". You can also set an option so that the the gradient point will take only H, S, HS, HB, HSB, etc from the "Main color".

- The texture mapping quality improved

- Some fundamental changes regarding the error handling: Now, in case of a critical error, Paintstorm will not just crash, like before, but also try to save all the open files. Some non-critical errors will be ignored when possible. All the information on the errors will be stored in %userprofile%/Documents/Paintstorm Studio/Logs/ You can send us your the error files. This will help us to detect the causes of the errors and make Paintstorm more stable and safe.

- When you use «Free Transform» of large images, there is an image deterioration at the time of transformation on live in favor of the performance

- Chinese interface added.

Some bugs fixed:
- The size of the panels change when Paintstorm window is minimized.
- The tablet shutdown when «jumping» to other applications.
- The incorrect display of the «Brush direction angle» stripe.
- Tiles on Retina5K.
- When drawing in a «mixer», you could touch the edge of the window and change its size.
- Failure to register without internet connection.
- A lot of of minor bugs.

For MAC Version:
The data structure has undergone great changes. Now Paintstorm, as well as other applications, is installed with the .pkg file directly to «Applications». Brushes and interface settings are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Paintstorm Studio/
Accordingly, to move the Workspace to the new version the previous one, you have to do the following steps:
1) Install the new version
2) Run it from /Applications/ at least once
3) Copy the "Data" folder from Applications/Paintstorm Studio/Paintstorm Files/ to ~/Library/Application Support/Paintstorm Studio/ with replacement
Moreover, do not forget to change the icon of Paintstorm Studio from "Docs bar"

VERSION 1.41_1 (04.10.2015) - MAC only
- Hot fix: Fixed an issue of "El Capitan OS X"

VERSION 1.41 (22.09.2015)
- The registration system updated. Now you can transfer your license from one machine to another. Read more
- Some new features added to the «Color» panel: «triangle» mode, RGB and HSB sliders, the brand new feature called «Color Limits» that allows you to limit the choice of color by brightness and saturation.
- The «Picker mode» button added to the «Mixer» panel
- Now you can control the sliders with a keyboard and bind them to 1,2 ..9 buttons. Rightclick any slider to set the binding.
- «Free transform mode» updates: «Rotate 90 degrees», «Flip Vertical / Horizontal», «Apply» and «Cancel» buttons added on top of the panel. Some small bugs fixed.
- The “Grid spacing” slider added to the perspective guides mode. You can activate and adjust the perspective grid size
- The «Tablet Settings» window added to Menu->Files (Win only. Forcetable.txt - now depricated)
- Now you can open files via "Drag and drop" and the OS menu "Open with"
- The «Recent files» window added to Menu-> Files
- When in the «Fast preview» mode (space + shift) you can click anywhere on the canvas, release space + shift and automatically be transferred to this place.
- To open the drop-down list rightclick the «Layers» panel
- The «Thumbnails size» slider added to «Layers» settings panel. Now you can adjust the size of layers icons.
- When the «Blend transp.» mode is on , the «Transparency» works as an eraser. For example, you can set the «Color Amount» to zero and set the «Revert-graph» to «Transparency» on the pen pressure and get a unique blend-eraser.
- Added two shortcuts: «Quick color picker» (works instantly without mouse or pen click), «Current layer visibility toggle»
Fixed the following bugs:
- Eraser burn effect bug
- Inactive buttons on the custom panels bug
- «Panels fill» cursor bug
- Other small bugs

VERSION 1.40 (31.08.2015)
- MAC version is now available!
- New interface design added
- Windows 10 compatibility added
- New interface languages added: Italian, German (You can choose the language from "Menu->File->choose language")
- A lot of small bugs fixed

VERSION 1.32 (31.05.2015)
- New «Polygonal lasso» tool added
- New «Ellipse» selection tool added (hold SPACE to move, hold CTRL to make round circle)
- New «Crop» tool added
- Maximum value of the "Global scale" option is increased to 250%
- Bugs fixed ("Color dodge" at save\load psd, "Esc" on menu pannels, allways minimized window)
- In ...\Documents\Paintstorm Studio\Data\forcetablet.txt added two options "mode" and "toggle earser on pen revert"

VERSION 1.31 (17.05.2015)
- New «symmetry and mirror» feature added
- New «rope and spring» stabilizer mode added
- A line while drawing the straight lines added (press Shift)
- Now you can switch to the eraser by the turning the pen over
- An autosave feature added (Menu-> File-> Options). It is enabled by default and saves every 10 minutes
- New hotkeys added: eraser toggle, preserve layer opacity, toggle mirror, toggle clipping mask
- Now Paintstorm memorizes the position and the size of the window of the previous session
- Canvas background can now be painted by the "Paint interface" feature
- Bugs fixed:
1) Bug with downloading the huge psd file
2) The "global max scale" bug
3) An offset for Yiynova tablets fixed
4) Paintstorm no longer uses CPU when inactive
5) Other bugs and crashes

VERSION 1.30 (21.04.2015)
1) Added new interface languages: Russian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish.
2) Fixed an issue caused by non-latin symbols in the file names the preservation of documents on non-English language. For ex., now you can load and save files with Cyrillic or hieroglyphic symbols.
3) Fixed several system issues leading to hangs and crashes of the program
4) Improved the stability for artists using Intel HD cards:
- Fixed a "white screen on zoom out" issue
- The "bilinear tex." tick is not required any more for most users
5) Fixed different issues with "drag and resize" tool
6) Fixed a “Select and move” issue. You can now move the selected area in a familiar way
7) Fixed a “clipping mask merge down” issue
8) Fixed an issue of black color admixture when resizing bristle brush
9) Fixed an issue with the movement of the program window
10) New hot keys added:
- Straight lines (shift)
- Previous brush

VERSION 1.27 (03.04.2015)
1) “Quick brush resize” tool added (drag and resize) (Default hotkey "Ctrl+Alt")
2) “Show brush cursor” option added ) (You can hide the cursor when painting) (Menu->Options)
3) New buttons added to the Navigator panel:
- "Reset angle" button (default hotkey "Shift+Home")
- "Reset canvas” scale to 100%"(Default hotkey "End")
4) “Pixelate on zoom in” effect added (Corresponding slider at Menu->Options) (If you don't want the pixelate effect on zoom in, set it to “zero”)
5) “Binding to 1.00” added (100% canvas scale) to the Navigator scale slider.
6) An issue of crashes caused by fast painting in the Mixer tool fixed
7) The "center point” sign added when rotating the canvas
8) More precise brush cursor added
9) “Mouse right click as a hotkey” tool added
10) An issue of “incorrect blending of flat non-bristle brushes” fixed
11) An issue of “Wacom offset for unusual two monitors layout” fixed

VERSION 1.26 (22.03.2015)
1) An issue of “white screen crash” fixed (when Painstorm crashed with white screen after launch)
2) “Bilinear tex.” Option added (For older graphic cards. Most of users should not activate it)
3) “Zoom on cursor" option added (switched on by default, when “zoom on screen center” needed, this option must be switched off
4) Autoupdate fuction added. (To check for updates manually, find the "check for updates" button in Menu->Other)
5) Trial version session is increased up to 25 minutes
6) An issue of “trial crash after 20 minutes” fixed

VERSION 1.25 (19.03.2015)
1) Fixed an issue with two monitors. Now Paintstorm fully supports 2 monitors mode.
2) Fixed a «minimize window» issue. Now you can minimize the window by clicking the taskbar.
3) Fixed a «taskbar autohide» issue.
4) Added the hotkey «swap main and second colors» («Х» set as default).
5) Fixed a «black color» issue in the textured bristle brushes.